Clipart dog in cage

Where My Dogs At? Pet Spa & Hotel was founded in 2019 by owner, Kamylah J. Bennett, who began her career in the pet industry in 2014. Kamylah was in her junior year of college at St. John’s University when her mother suggested that she learn pet grooming after receiving a bad haircut for their dog.

Early on, Kamylah’s mother recognized her natural ability to style pets when she would bathe and fluff their dog at home; not long after, Kamylah enrolled in trade school and began a part-time job as a pet-stylist. She landed her first grooming job at Petco immediately after completing her certification. Even with full intentions to attend law school and pursue a career in the legal field, Kamylah continued to groom in various salons while taking private clientele in her mother’s basement. Despite getting called for several positions in prestigious law enforcement agencies and briefly working in social services, Kamylah found it hard to part with her love for animals and continued to groom on weekends. As her clientele grew she soon realized that caring for animals was her true passion. Whatever she ended up doing she knew she would incorporate her love for animals. “I’ve always been passionate about protecting the rights of those who are most vulnerable,” says Kamylah.

Where My Dogs At? Pet Spa & Hotel opened it’s doors to the community of Prospect Heights, Brooklyn on November 2, 2019. Our mission is to advocate for animal rights and continue the efforts to rescue homeless animals. We work with city shelters by participating in the “Trap & Release” program for feral cats and have saved the lives of numerous animals. Where My Dogs At? Pet Spa & Hotel strives to provide the gold standard in pet care. We’re excited to showcase our commitment to the love and protection of animals. Where My Dogs At? Pet Spa & Hotel is also eager to expand our efforts by supporting adoption events and local charities that cater to the well-being of all animals in need!