PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT PROOF OF VACCINATIONS ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL SERVICES AS PER THE NYS HEALTH DEPARTMENT. Please provide a current vaccination certificate that is signed/stamped by the vet, and has the dates the vaccines were given and the date that each expires. We are required to take the following vaccinations:

  • Distemper/DHPP/DA2P
  • Bordetella (Kennel Cough Vaccine)
  • Rabies

Vaccine documentation can be uploaded to the portal using the “upload files” button, emailed to, or given to us in person on the date of service. In the interest of time, please have your vaccinations at the time of your appointment to avoid an extended check-in process. While we do our best to help our customers locate the proper documentation, we may not be able to depending on the busyness of the day, and this might result in appointment re-scheduling or cancellation. If you need any assistance, please give us a call before you’re scheduled to come in! 🙂